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It was clear, though unexplainable, that Viki’s mother was utterly aligned with the defendant and would not cooperate in any means. After the first case was dismissed, Lozano was capable of collect $500,000 of the $1.1 million dollars in life insurance he had on Viki. The different policy, the one taken out a number of months before her dying, was not so prepared to pay. Ultimately a settlement was reached whereby the policy’s proceeds had been deposited in a trust for Monty. According to Cindy, Lozano was quite angry he was not capable of gather all the money he felt he was due. Our other meetings were with the preliminary investigation staff.

Chief Medical Examiner Edmund Donoghue from Cooke County, Illinois, was in Dallas at a conference. The prosecutors assigned to the original Lozano case met with him at his resort, armed with pictures of the crime scene for his evaluation. Donoghue indicated that there was inadequate proof from the photos to conclusively establish loris doran method of death between suicide, murder, and accident. Even without a seven-year delay between when Bobby Lozano killed his spouse, Viki, and when he was lastly delivered to justice, this case promised to be a fight.

Deputy Medical Examiner Gary Sisler found that there was an entrance wound nearly within the middle of Viki’s chest. The wound was not contact, but the weapon had been three to six inches away. There was a shored exit wound on her left facet, meaning that that side of her body was towards one thing substantial when she was shot . The wound path was down about three inches from entrance to exit, and the bullet had torn through her heart, lungs, liver, and spleen before it was stopped by the density of the mattress earlier than it could cross by way of her pajama prime. Dr. Sisler’s place was that based on the location and angle of the wound, he couldn’t decide if she had pulled the trigger or if another person had.

During opening statements, Cary laid out the proof for the jury. Before the trial had begun, we pre-admitted a nice deal of the evidence by settlement, including nearly the entire crime scene photographs, the gun, and the contents of the gun cleaning kit. This allowed both parties to use the proof in opening statements with out objection or questions relating to admissibility.

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Renner turned so defensive that he violated the cardinal rule of testifying and would agree solely with assertions made by protection counsel. According to Renner’s theories, Viki would have been in a position to sit up after being shot in the heart, spleen, lung, and spleen. Renner additionally opined that it was potential for lividity to have fashioned in her back mere moments after Lozano pushed her lifeless body to a reclining place.

The ME couldn’t conclusively set up whether it was murder, suicide, or accident. Tested at instances, however in the lengthy run we prevail as one individuals, one government. Always difficult our brother’s positions, and more often than not not agreeing. But we’re inbreded with the concept of Democracy, which embodies the principals of equality, fairness, truth and diversity.

Forensics alone wouldn’t get us there, which is why the style of dying was ruled undetermined. We set out to show it wasn’t an accident, nor was it suicide. We let the dust settle on the indictment before we reached out to Anna Farrish again. As the mom of a murder sufferer, we wanted her to be included in the prosecution.

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