Warren G Harding Quotes Creator Of Our Common Nation; Mutual Good Will In America

It’s folly to assume about mixing Greek and Bulgar, Italian and Slovak, or making any of them rejoicingly American, when the land of adoption sits in judgement on the land from which he came. We must be rescued from divisionary and fruitless pursuit of peace via super authorities. I are not wanting for Americans of foreign start making their get together alignments on what we imply to do for some nation within the old world.

Our security lies in full realization the fate of the nation and the protection of the world shall be selected the western battlefront of Europe. Warren Gamaliel Harding was the 29th President of the United States, serving from March four, 1921, till his death in 1923. At the time of his death, he was one of the well-liked presidents, but the subsequent publicity of scandals that occurred underneath his administration, such as Teapot Dome, eroded his popular regard, as did revelations of an affair by Nan Britton, considered one of his mistresses. In historical rankings of the U.S. presidents, Harding is commonly rated among the many worst.

I am not unaware that we have suffering and privation at home. When it exceeds the capacity for the relief within the States involved, it’ll have Federal consideration. It appears to me we ought to be indifferent to our own coronary heart promptings, and out of accord with the spirit which acclaims the Christmastide, if we do not give out of our national abundance to lighten this burden of woe upon a folks blameless and helpless in famine’s peril.

What a nation like America needed at that time was therapeutic from socio-political fissures, a return to normalcy, and restoration of the morale of the people. Instead of a fast answer and heroic demonstrations, they needed deion sanders quote a prudent vision of America. The misfortune is not alone that it rends the harmony of countries. The larger pity is that it rends the concord of our citizenship at residence.

We divide along political strains, and I would ever have it so. I don’t imply that partisan preferences should hinder any public servant within the efficiency of a conscientious and patriotic official obligation. We saw partisan traces totally obliterated when war imperiled, and our religion within the Republic was riveted anew.

They can maintain you up at night and provide you with bouts of hysteria and fear as a outcome of you take care of them. Looking wan and depressed, Harding journeyed westward in the summer of 1923, taking with him his upright Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover. “If you knew of a great scandal in our administration,” he requested Hoover, “would you for the nice of the country and the get together expose it publicly or would you bury it? ” Hoover urged publishing it, but Harding feared the political repercussions.

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