A Beginner Guide To The Free AWS Tier

AWS Tier

We always want our memories to last forever. In the early days, some memories are visible in physical pictures and outdated videotape processes, like the ancient silky film paper. Back in the day, our documents are all fixated on paper resulting in bulky stockpiles. However, technological intellectuals have invented lifesavers for decades go. From traditional practice, we have adapted the most efficient way of storing. As a result, years pass, and millions of Storage applications have surfaced through social media platforms. 

And some through random sites, like the ones that will open into another tab to make you download sketchy storage apps. Yikes, tricky and dangerous. Does it easily tempt you? If yes, here is a question, how credible and secure is it? Are you literate enough to assess what you are trying to download? Storing files might confuse us due to the rapid growth of files; when you are in a fast pace corporation or environment, waves of files come. If these problems are frequently occurring, then it is time to step up your knowledge and acquire what you deserve, a Free AWS Tier

Here is the Top most credible application that can save your storage problems. Guarantee that it will make your usage of this app light as a feather. Note that all apps have the same purpose but are structured differently. As a result, navigations vary, but their design is open to all users. 

1.) AWS 

  • This application has over a hundred products and services. Unfortunately, the scope of its free services could only last to 12 months, or it could be “constantly free” as long as you live up to its terms and storage limits. 

2.) Google Cloud Storage

  • Google is everywhere, and familiarity will always draw people. In case you don’t know, Google offers cloud storage. Like AWS, it has “always free” services but limited options. Lastly, it has a credit of 300$ for 90 days.

3.) Azure

  • Lesser credit amount than Google, it is only 200$, but for trial services, it will only last for 30 days. Just like the mentioned applications, Azure is also available for general services that are free of charge for 12 months. Like any credible storage app, they also present limits and rules for you to confirm. 

How to Not Easily Get Baited of Fake Free AWS Tiers

It is terrifying nowadays to get scammed, fraud has been more aggressive these days, and it has reached virtually. It could risk your money, reputation, and even personal data. If this spreads to the public, getting the virus could compromise your virtual and physical possessions. We do not want to get into trouble due to a lack of knowledge. Here are the steps on how to not get scammed. 

1.) Be fluent in Technological Literacy

You are not required to go depth in this department, but sticking to the basics will save you from experiencing problems. You are good to go if you know enough what to click and what not to. 

2.) If hesitant, ask for professional help

You could ask for help or seek second advice whenever you want to put a foreign application on your device. If you do not know how to interpret terms, it is best to ask an expert to review the terms,

3.) Always look out for its ratings

When you download a foreign storage app, researching should be the first thing you should do. Always look out for the ratings the customers gave for you to know the potential app complications you might experience.

To get the full benefit of an AWS Free Tier, you need to be a responsible user. An accountable user must know that storage apps are crucial and not just taken lightly. A liable user knows that a Free Tier App must bring security and offer high-quality services to everyone worldwide.

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