Artificial Intelligence Courses – Details, Eligibility, Fees

Artificial Intelligence Courses

Where To Learn Artificial Intelligence Training Pune? Artificial intelligence courses are gaining in popularity and can be pursued as full-time or part-time programs at leading universities across the globe. What do AI courses entail? If you’re interested in the field of artificial intelligence, then read on to learn about what AI courses offer and how much they cost!

What is an artificial intelligence course?

An artificial intelligence course (AI) teaches students how to use artificial intelligence to solve problems in their industry.

Whether it’s marketing or finance, every type of field can employ the use of data-driven insights. We’re taking a closer look at what AI courses are, who they’re for, their cost, and more below.

What are the different types of artificial intelligence degree programs available today?

AI has made leaps and bounds in recent years. Several degree programs are available if you are interested in pursuing a future in artificial intelligence but aren’t sure where to start.

 Some schools have individual degree programs specific to AI, while others offer more general STEM fields, including one or two classes dealing with the subject.

Who can pursue artificial intelligence degrees in India?

Students in India who want to pursue a degree or certificate in artificial intelligence can do so through several programs.

There are four types of degrees offered: Master’s degrees in computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence; Master’s degrees in computer engineering with a focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence;

Eligibility requirements

  1.       Are you a high school student?
  2.       Do you want to learn about artificial intelligence and coding in just four weeks (Saturday classes)?
  3.       Is your GPA at least 3.0?
  4.       Can you commit to attending 2-hour Saturday sessions from January 5-February 16 (18 total hours) from 9:00 am-11:00 am in Warrensburg, or 10:00 am-12:00 pm in Overland Park (with some exceptions)?

How much does it cost to study artificial intelligence in India

One of the best things about pursuing a graduate degree in Artificial intelligence is that many options exist. Which one will work best for you depends on how much time you want to commit and your budget.

Machine Learning Projects In Hyderabad offers the most expensive option with its Master’s of Science in Computer Science Specialization in Artificial Intelligence. However, there are also many inexpensive possibilities like edX from Harvard University, which only requires a 4-6 months commitment and only costs 60000INR(approx.) per semester.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making waves in the technological community over the past few years, with AI-related jobs growing at an unprecedented rate and new companies popping up all over the place to bring this technology to people who want it. However, if you’re not already sure if you’re ready to enter the world of AI, you might be wondering what sort of coursework or requirements need to be fulfilled before you can pursue an AI career. We’ve got all the details in our article on artificial intelligence courses, eligibility, and fees!

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