Easy Steps To More Crypto Coin Promotion Sales


Have you ever tried to buy, invest in or just promote a crypto press release coin from the internet? Didn’t work out for you? If it didn’t work out, here are some easy steps to increasing your crypto sales.

1. Have a clear goal for your promotion and guess what that is? 

Your goal is to increase the sales of any specific crypto coin through different methods. Some other ways of doing this are:

Market efforts (promoting products related to their project) 

Successful blog posts, social media posts, adverts etc. 

Promote their ico sale or campaign before they launch it publicly (Blue Planet Project). 

2. Make a strong and clear marketing plan

Do you want to promote a product and need an effective marketing strategy? Look around, try to find different ways to promote and make your plan more effective. What is the best way to reach your specific audience? Do you know what they want? Do they trust your opinion? Why do they trust it? How do you get more attention from them? Find all of that out before creating your marketing plan, once again it doesn’t have to be perfect. Make sure that the branding of your crypto coin stands out, remember it’s crypto so keep the name simple but not too simple.

3. Study the market and find out what is trending on social media

What is the most talked about crypto issue in your industry or in your niche? What are the current trends? Do people like them? Try to find out why that is, especially if you are a newbie or have little experience. You could get some decent ideas for the kind of content you could create for your blog posts and social media posts. For example, if you know that people who sell household items like Tupperware are now getting involved with Crypto, then you can create blog posts about how awesome they are and convince them to join your next advertising campaign via Twitter, Instagram etc. Website list is here.

4. Make your crypto brand recognizable by the usual crypto crowd

Try to create content which is relevant or at least will be relevant in the future. Don’t spam social media because that won’t convert into sales. If you want more people to recognize your brand, make more of what they want and try to post it on social media whenever they are active. Once again, don’t spam even if you think you are being seen as an expert in crypto related topics. Also don’t write about anything that is unrelated to crypto, try to make your content as specific as possible and create a following when you can expand your audience, not just getting followers because they think you are awesome but because they want more of what you have to offer them.

5. Create a profile of your crypto coin and find out how to promote

Once you’ve created a good marketing plan, you can create your own site and start promoting your crypto brand. On the website you want to create, you will want to add in information like what coins you are selling, how much they cost, who is buying them etc so that people know exactly what they are buying. Increase your followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Non Hard work Done To Promote Your Crypto Coin 

– Targeting the entire community: If someone is willing to pay for a specific coin, then target them and provide them with value by answering their questions or showing them how easy it is for them to buy that specific coin.

– You’re not interested in helping people: If you are already working for a crypto coin, then don’t bother helping newbies because they have no means of buying your coins especially if you live in a country where crypto is still banned.

– No call to action: If you want more sales, how many times has someone just told you that they were selling something? Unless they offer it to you then you don’t care. Create compelling offers that make people want your services or products through seo link building.

Tools And Tips To Easily Promote Your Crypto Coin 

1. Mockup your site and make sure it’s perfect

Create all of your website content before launching it, this includes your social media posts, ads, blog posts and so on. Before you launch your site make sure that everything looks great and that no one is able to see any mistakes or grammatical errors because people will definitely notice them. Also, make sure that the theme you’re using works perfectly. When you’re creating your mockup, also take into consideration all of the search engines and their rules so that they don’t penalize you with high rankings or ban you from advertising altogether. 

2. Have your site verified at the same time as creating it

If you are creating a site to promote crypto coins of token marketing then you need to verify your website, even if it’s not live. The reason why you would do this is because once you launch your site, you can get real traffic to it and start getting sales. This way people will know that what they are buying is real and that they can trust your product/service.

3. Find out what sites will verify your site for free

You shouldn’t spend money on verification because then you won’t have money for advertising and who needs more visitors? 

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