Great Air Fryer Results: 6 Tips for Improving Your Cooking

Grilled herb marinated pork in air fryer machine, Asian food style.

Air fryeris a healthier alternative to deep frying and it is great for those who don’t like the smell of fried foods. You won’t need to use as much oil to cook delicious food with an air fryer as you might need to use to cook using a traditional method. If you are trying to lose weight, you might find that it is easier to prepare food using an air fryer.This type of cooking method is perfect for those who want to make healthier choices without sacrificing the taste and quality of the food they eat. Besides, you can use an air fryer to cook food and post on instagram. Use Mixx to grow your instagram account and earn more money. Take a look at 6 tips for improving your cooking. 

Air fryers are a popular way to cook delicious, crispy food without as much oil as you might need for traditional methods. More and more kitchens are bringing air fryers into their regular cooking rotation. If you are interested in buying an air fryer for yourself, check out our list of the best air fryer reviews on the market today. Sometimes, cooking with an air fryer can be challenging. You might be looking for some interesting new tips to help you improve the flavor and quality of the food you prepare.

Keep your Fryer Clean

Before worrying about any other tips or tricks, be sure your fryer is clean at all times. When you operate a dirty air fryer, you set yourself up for food failure. A dirty fryer is much more likely to burn your food or cook it unevenly, making it look ugly and taste poor. Remember to:

Clean your heating element once a month

Wash the cooking tray and grill pan after every use.

Clean out the fan component every few months.

Always operate a dry appliance.

Use the Right Setting

The right setting can make a world of difference for your food. You would not cook fish on a dessert setting, so why cook French fries on a meat setting? Be sure you operate your air fryer at the recommended temperature setting for the type of food you are cooking. This way, you can easily avoid over or undercooking your ingredients due to oversight.

Try the Grill Pan

If you do not have a grill pan insert for your air fryer, you might want to pick one up. Adding a grill pan is a great way to make your meals come out even crispier. When you make a lot of breaded food or French fries, a grill pan is essential for adding color, texture, and flavor to every bite.

Shake, Shake, Shake

It is always important to shake your cooking pan no matter what you are making in your air fryer! Do not set your food and walk away completely. Instead, come back at least once during the cooking process and give the cooking tray a little shake. This will loosen the food and let it cook more evenly, as well as give it a chance to crisp from all sides.

Use a Little Oil

You may want to use your air fryer with no oil at all, and many models can be operated this way. However, even the bare minimum of oil can add a lot of flavor without a ton of fat. Add no more than one tablespoon of oil to your food to see a big difference. The Philips air fryer online FAQ recommends olive or sunflower oil as their top choices.

Slightly Increase Cook Times

When you find that your food is not crispy or fried well enough for your liking, you can increase the amount of time you leave it in the fryer by small amounts. Start with 5 minutes at a time and check on your food after each increment. Be careful not to burn your food by leaving it in for too long without checking on it!


By now, you should have all the information you need to get even better results out of your air fryer. Your cooking is well on its way to tasting better than ever before when you follow my favorite tips for air fryer food preparation.

Remember that keeping your fryer clean is the first step toward great food every time you use it, but that there are plenty of other tricks you can try to make your food into something amazing. Do not be afraid to experiment and have a little fun with your fryer as well!

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