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Computers have been part of our lives for a couple of decades and we have got used to them. We can’t stay away from technology even for a few seconds as all our work is related. We have to do all our office work on the computers as doing it physically on paper can be very difficult and time-consuming. We can create multiple files on our computer and then convert them into a pdf using the pdf mergerOne needs to convert the file into a pdf as the final product so nobody can edit it easily. A pdf (Portable Document Format) is considered the most authentic type of file or document. 

Previously, when computers were not a part of our lives, people had to do all the office work physically. They had to make files by writing on paper and then arranging them properly in a file folder. It would consume a lot of time, especially in the banks where hundreds of people would come to get their work done. It also consumed tons of paper and resulted in the cutting of trees on a large scale. It led to the exploitation of the forests and a sudden increase in air pollution and paper waste on the earth. Hence people started switching to computers from paper. 

Computers were still rare in the 80s and only rich people had computers in their homes. But in the 90s, computers became very common at workplaces like banks, hospitals, or offices so people could work without wasting time. In the 2000s, the technology market saw a rise in the sales of computers as people started buying them for their personal use. People started installing computers in their homes so everybody in the family could learn how to use them as it became a requirement for all types of jobs. Children could also use the computer to make school projects and presentations and did not need to visit a cyber cafe. 

Then in the 2010s, the internet became common as it was required to send work files and do international calls. Students also require the internet to do their school and college work and attend online lectures. But still, the internet was considered very expensive and not so necessary and people would not subscribe to it daily. If they needed to use the internet for anything related to work or school, they would visit a cyber cafe. In a cyber cafe, people are allowed to use a computer and the internet on an hourly basis by paying a particular amount of money. 

But after the lockdown, people felt the need for the internet for various things like entertainment and doing their office work. People even started using the internet for buying things from online websites and shopping apps. They have also started learning many things from the internet like cooking, learning languages, playing instruments, and much more. The internet is useful for everyone and is considered a miracle as it offers anything from around the world. It is also a safe space to do work and gain knowledge about different cultures and countries. 

What Are The Various Features Of The PDF Merger? 

PDF merger is an online website with multiple benefits and features. It offers excellent service to its users and is a verified website. It allows its users to convert files in various forms into a pdf (Portable Document Format). You can also merge, edit and add digital signatures into a pdf. The features of this website are mentioned below. 

  1. Create a pdf- you can create a complex and long pdf within a few seconds on this website. You can also delete unnecessary pages or add a few pages in the pdf as the editing and merging option is available on this website. 
  2. Editing tools- this website provides its users with an editing feature that consists of multiple editing tools. So you can add a digital signature to an existing pdf or also make other edits like changing the sequence, editing the statements, fixing the typos, and much more. 
  3. No expertise required- you don’t require any expertise to use this website as it is an easy-to-use and convenient website. It can be used by beginners and newcomers as it is not confusing to use. You also don’t require any special training to use this website. As a person with basic computer knowledge can use it. 
  4. 24*7 working- this website is working continuously for 24 hours so you can use it to convert a file into a pdf at any time of the day according to your schedule. You need a constant internet connection to use this website on any device. You can also use it while traveling on the road or whenever you are out. 
  5. No downloads are required- you don’t need to download or add extensions of this website to your computer. It works on every search engine so you need to enter the name of this website or visit the link on the search engine with the help of the internet. 
  6. Excellent customer service- this website is very loyal to its customers and makes sure they offer the best service to them. It is a very user-friendly website and you can contact the website directly if you face any technical issues. The contact information is mentioned on the official homepage of the website. 
  7. Free to use- this website does not ask for any subscription money to use its services. But if you want to use the advanced features of this website, you can pay a definite amount of money. 
  8. No registration is needed- you don’t need to register or sign up to use the services of this website. You can open the website and start using the features you want. 

How To Use The PDF Merger? 

PDF merger is a simple website to use and the whole process is mentioned below- 

  1. Visit the official page of this website and select the option you want to use. 
  2. Select the file you want to convert into a pdf and drag it onto the website. 
  3. The website will automatically start converting your file into a pdf and then you can download it on your device. 

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