Phone radiation and their effects on men’s health

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The cell phone is one thing in today’s times that cannot be eliminated from our lives. It is more intimate than your partner and more important than your boss. When the mobile phone arrived it was an invention that people looked at with excitement. Little did they know that their lives were going to be changed forever and they would never be the same again. The method by which people used to communicate transformed completely. At that time, it was believed to be for only good but as the mobile phones became more than just devices people started feeling its negative effects as well. 

It helped us to talk with someone living at a distance even on the other side of the globe with just a simple click. This was something new for humanity. But as everything has two sides known as the coin same theory applies to mobile phones. One of the most common negative effects of phones that are usually highlighted is its tendency of making society lonely and depressed. Well, no one denies this being a fact but there are much more direct negative effects of phone and especially the radiation coming out of it. 

We all know that our phone is able to fetch internet services and connect a call with the help of invisible electromagnetic signals coming from the mobile towers erected across the state and satellites. Though this radiation is below the harmful level so it will not directly impact you like burning the skin due to nuclear radiation. But after all, despite being harmless intensity in the long run it will have some effect on men’s health like consuming Fildena 150 mg and Vidalista 40 mg. That we are going to discuss in this article. 

Risk of heart disorders

 One of the biggest concerns with phone radiation is heart disorders. This is not to be described that the heart is a sensitive organ, hence even a minor issue related to the heart becomes a critical one. This is a habit of many men to keep their phones in their side pockets near the heart. Not instantly but the radiation emitted from the phone and that too by being in such close contact can be really harmful to the heart. The effects may not be felt instant because the radiation is very mild. But if you do not change this habit then surely heart disorders are awaiting you. 

The efficiency of the heart may get reduced leading to less pumping of blood to the needy organs. This will lead to making organs work at less efficiency and low metabolism will prevail. In certain situations, radiation may also lead to cardiac arrests if you don’t change this habit. 

Stress and anxiety

Phone radiation can have a detrimental effect on men’s health. For someone already suffering from mental health issues, this can prove to be a reason for a nervous breakdown. In today’s world stress and anxiety are already quite common hence, on top of it the phone radiation can make it troublesome and unbearable. Stress is something that will never go away from life. Men wish that one day their life will be full of flowers but that will never happen. Instead, they must focus on how to deal with stress effectively. 

Again, this will not happen instantly but the continuous habit of being in close contact with a phone can lead to such situations. In some cases, the stress is so terrible that no pills from Powpills will prove effective. High blood pressure, hypertension and mood swings accompany to become regular affairs. 

Poor intimate life

This may outrage many people as to how phone radiation is linked with poor intimate life. But several researchers have made a point that being in close contact with to phone and imbibing the radiation can lead to poor production of testosterone, the male hormone. Due to less availability of testosterone, the man may not develop adequate sexual interest. And even when developed he may not last long in bed. This is a very terrible situation for the couple involved in the sexual act. 

For a healthy relationship fulfillment of sexual desires is necessary but your phone radiation might lead to non-fulfillment of orgasm causing dissatisfaction. It is true that it is not possible to not use the phone in current times but make sure you use it as less possible. Or else men are found looking for Cenforce 150 Reviews most of the time.


Men’s health has most of the time been a topic of discussion. And unfortunately, most of the time, the discussion is in a negative light due to the lifestyle of men. This could be improved which will lead to less consumption of medicines and a life where health, work, and life are in balance. 

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