The Benefits of Desk Booking Software

Desk Booking

Desk booking software helps companies make their workspace more flexible, which attracts top talent. According to a study by Deloitte, the flexibility of the workplace is the deciding factor for attracting top talent. One in three workers consider work-life balance when choosing a job. By making use of desk booking software, employers can show employees that they value their time and appreciate their ability to choose when they want to work. The following are some of the benefits desk booking software can offer your business. If you are looking for desk booking software visit this website


If you are looking for a desk booking software that helps you manage a variety of workspaces, WorkInSync may be the solution you are looking for. WorkInSync’s dashboard provides detailed information about your employees and makes planning across multiple facilities a breeze. It can even help you monitor employee activity and track sanitization efforts, so you can plan your workspace efficiently. If you are interested in learning more about WorkInSync, read on.

While traditional work models were due for a facelift, the pandemic has forced organizations to adopt dynamic practices. One way to enforce social distancing is through the hoteling practice. On the other hand, it helps companies reduce their overheads by promoting flexible working practices. Desk booking software is a valuable tool for companies with flexible work environments. WorkInSync offers a comprehensive solution that is affordable and flexible. Its feature set makes it a smart choice for any type of workspace.


If you are looking for a desk booking software that allows you to book your office space, you have probably come across SpaceIQ. This desk booking software is designed to help you manage your office space while giving your employees the flexibility they need to work from wherever they want. It also gives you the control to make bookings down to the minute, and it will automatically free up unused space after a certain amount of time has passed. There are some great features that SpaceIQ offers that you may find useful.

A feature that is unique to SpaceIQ is its ability to let you see foot prints of other businesses in your area, as well as conference rooms in different locations. You can even run reports and visit other offices to see how you might be able to optimize space. You can even see which employees have a COVID condition, which will cancel their reservation and prevent them from using the space. SpaceIQ helps you meet these requirements and more with its integrated solutions.

Envoy Desks

With Envoy Desks, you can empower your employees with the ability to reserve, book, and modify desks for any type of event. With the simple click of a button, employees can reserve and choose a desk from among available options. Envoy also provides data-driven insights to help you maximize space and meet social distancing guidelines. Here are some benefits of Envoy desk booking software. These benefits are just a few of the many reasons to start using this solution today.

– Managing visitors on multiple floors and managing packages. Envoy is the best solution for handling both. Set up is quick and easy. Employees can instantly receive notifications when a VIP shows up at their office. These notifications can be sent to email addresses, text messages, or even Slack instant messaging. A screenshot of the package label is included in the notification. When a priority package arrives, the user simply clicks on it and marks it as picked up.

WorkFlex FlexCube

The FlexCube device from Epazz Inc. allows employees to book workstations and cubicles. The device’s color-coded LED lights show the exact status of each workspace, indicating if it’s available or reserved. You can also view the status of your preferred desk or check whether a specific desk is permanently reserved. It’s easy to schedule an office space and check who’s in it without having to worry about leaving your workspace.

With WorkFlex, you can offer your employees flexible workspaces that promote safe workplace practices while maximizing utilization. The software also simplifies contact tracing, helps you maintain clean and sanitized high-touch surfaces, and even works on your mobile device! If your employees need to go home for the weekend, you can easily book them the perfect space. WorkFlex FlexCube can be used on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet for easy access.


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