Top 10 Best Jobs In The U.S. As Of 2022

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No one job fits all of us, and there is no such thing as the “perfect job,” but many of the best jobs share a few qualities in common: they are well-paying, challenge us continually, give us room to progress throughout our careers, and offer a satisfactory work-life balance. There are examples of resumé that could speed up the hiring process and help you land the top jobs. 

Due to a labor scarcity brought on by retirements and the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans are starting to reevaluate what they desire from a job title. However, other standards—such as pay, job satisfaction, and mobility—remain the same. Given the industry’s well-known high wages and freedom to work from home, it may not come as a surprise that tech employment dominated the list of criteria. The rankings, however, also include a broad range of industries, such as real estate, human resources, healthcare, and more. 

Are you ready to hunt for something new? Well, the top 10 best occupations America has to offer as of the year 2022 are listed below! 

  • Site Reliability Engineer

Average salary: $137,324

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree, optional certifications

Monitoring computer systems and creating alerts for various operational problems that computer systems may encounter are among the duties of a site reliability engineer (SRE). In the long run, the SRE team collaborates with the IT staff to make sure the business can keep providing goods and services in the electronic world.

  • Nurse Practitioner

Average salary: $128,105

Education requirements: Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing, pass the NCLEX-RN exam, master’s or doctoral degree in nursing practice, and pass the national certification exam for nurse practitioners (NPs)

Providers of advanced main and specialized nursing care are nurse practitioners (NPs). A patient’s health evaluation, the development of health improvement or management plans, and the introduction of habits for health promotion are among the responsibilities of a nurse practitioner. Additionally, NPs provide check-ups, manage illnesses, request lab testing, and write prescriptions for both adults and children. They also give general and preventative care.

  • Software Engineer

Average salary: $126,127

Education requirements: Bachelor’s or associate’s degree, optional certifications

Software engineers concentrate on using engineering ideas in software development. Using software programming languages, they analyze and alter current software and create, build, and test end-user applications that are user-centered.

  • Solar Consultant

Average salary: $121,329

Education requirements: Associate’s or bachelor’s degree

Customers receive information on solar-powered equipment from solar sales consultants, also referred to as solar sales representatives. They typically have first contact with customers and offer thorough information on financial benefits and energy incentives associated with solar-powered equipment and products.

  • Back-end Web Developer

Average salary: $119,217

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree

A database, a server, and an application make up a website’s back-end. The technology that drives the many components that collectively allow the user-facing portion of the website is created and maintained by a back-end web developer.

  • Enterprise Architect

Average salary: $144,997

Education requirements: Undergraduate degree in computer science or data science

An enterprise architect is in charge of managing, enhancing, and updating enterprise services, software, and hardware. Additionally, they need to keep up with the most recent developments in technology and keep an eye out for any hardware, software, or services that could facilitate corporate operations. Enterprise architects may be significantly more productive when they have essential soft skills in addition to strong technical competence.

  • Full Stack Engineer

Average salary: $101,794

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer science

A high-level software engineer who designs, tests, and implements numerous software applications is known as a full-stack engineer. They also develop scalable online services, software, and apps aside from leading coding teams.

  • Data Scientist

Average salary: $120,000

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in statistics, math, computer science, or economics

A data scientist is an expert who collects large amounts of data utilizing programming, statistical, and analytical abilities. They create data-driven solutions that are specifically adapted to an organization’s requirements.

  • Strategy Manager

Average salary: $140,000

Education requirements: Degree in business or a related field

Strategy managers examine a company to identify its advantages, disadvantages, and areas for development. Then, they serve as the intermediary for firm divisions (such as finance, human resources, or marketing) to put solutions into practice.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

Average salary: $130,489

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field

Artificial intelligence systems that “learn” from tasks are studied, designed, and created by machine-learning engineers to make future operations more effective. To put it another way, these engineers create autonomous robots. 

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