What Is Dusting Attack – Tips From KuCoin To Encounter

Since Bitcoin is the top leading currency, therefore, KuCoin also supports it on its platform. KuCoin provides BTC Prices and other trading options in the best interest of its buyers. KuCoin also supports several other programs like staking money and various events to release maximum benefits to users. It is also one of the strongest protocols to support the hybrid transaction. It mainly supports decentralized dApps with several interlink blockchains. In this article, we talk about dusting attacks and tips from KuCoin to encounter.

Dusting Attack

Scammers realize that cryptocurrency users do not pay abundant attention to those small amounts in their wallet addresses. So, they began “dusting” an outsized variety of addresses by sending many small amounts to them, like a small quantity of LTC, BTC, or alternative cryptocurrencies. When dusting different addresses, the consecutive step of a dusting attack involves a combined analysis of these addresses to spot which belong to a similar crypto wallet. The goal is to eventually link the dusted addresses and wallets to several firms or people. If sure, the attackers could use this data against their targets through elaborate phishing attacks or cyber-extortion threats. Dust attacks were mostly performed on the Bitcoin network. However, they’re conjointly happening with Litecoin, BNB, and alternative cryptocurrencies. 

Encounter Dusting Attack

You can encounter this attack simply by using a hierarchical-deterministic wallet. In the cryptocurrency world, wallets contain keys rather than coins. A cryptocurrency wallet has 2 keys, a public key or address similar to an associate degree account variety and a personal key that the holder uses to transfer funds to different accounts. The non-public secret is very similar to an identification. For instance, somebody transferring Bitcoin from their account would use their non-public key to authorize the group action. This combination of public and personal keys ensures security from hackers and obscurity in transactions. Due to the combination of keys allowing the transfer of someone’s cryptocurrency, the non-public key must remain safe. This is a foremost function of a hierarchical-deterministic wallet.

Closing Thoughts

You act as your bank when you hold cryptocurrencies in a decentralized wallet. You’ll do nothing if your wallet gets hacked or you lose your keys. Privacy and security are becoming more valuable daily, not just for those with one thing to cover except for all folks. And people are notably valuable to cryptocurrency traders and investors. It would be best if you took security measures like using a hierarchical-deterministic wallet to keep yourself safe.


KuCoin is providing a big list of Altcoins to sell on their website. You can trade a BTC, ETH, KCS, SHIB, and several other crypto coins with many advanced features on KuCoin. On the other hand, one of the highly important factors people care about is the security measures of every platform. This article also talks about one of the famous types of cyber attack named dusting and how you can encounter it. You must go through this whole blog to get all information about it.

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