Aprima EMR vs AestheticsPro Online EMR – A Complete Overview 2022

There are numerous advantages to using an EHR system in a hospital setting. EHR/EMRs allow doctors to have instant, virtual communications with their patients. That’s one of the numerous benefits of electronic medical records, though. It guarantees that the patient and their doctors entirely access their medical records.

Before settling on an EMR system for a clinic, many factors should be considered. For instance, you may wonder which choice is ideal for clinics or offers the most adaptable capabilities to accommodate your healthcare provider’s future needs.

This article contrasts Aprima EMR and AestheticsPro Online EMR, two of the best EHR/EMR systems available today. You may learn more about which EMR software best suits your medical facility by reading this article’s comparison of Aprima EMR vs AestheticsPro EMR.

Aprima EMR:

It wasn’t long before doctors and administrators everywhere adopted the Aprima EMR system. While the Aprima EMR software is optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it is compatible with any modern computer.

More than 70 clinical medical specialities, including primary care and multiple surgical specializations, have successfully adopted the Aprima EMR. As well as regular clinics, pain management clinics, and community clinics can all benefit from their use.

The Aprima Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a web-based application that provides users with a wide variety of advantages and resources, such as extensive customization options, a patient portal, a smartphone app, simple integration, telehealth, and a lot more. Together, these features and Aprima EMR’s user-friendly design make it a top contender among EHR programs.

To enable hospitals and doctors to rapidly and accurately gather patient data, the Aprima EMR system prioritizes speed and user-friendliness, as do all leading EHRs. The Aprima Electronic Medical Record and the corresponding practice management systems share the same data set, allowing seamless integration.

Why Use Aprima EMR?

  • The Aprima EMR platform is notably mobile-friendly, allowing users to access it from any device with an internet connection. The program is lightweight and portable so that it may be used anywhere the user goes.
  • In Aprima EMR, the focus is always on the clinician. By keeping track of their training methods, clinicians may conserve effort, and the software can adapt to the demands of each doctor as they work. Aprima EMR features complete Meaningful Use Stage 3 compliance, budget reporting, online prescriptions, customer support, and lab integrations.
  • The Aprima EMR software has much use beyond only reviewing medical records. The Aprima EMR system is more than simply an EHR; it also serves as a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution. And because of how efficiently the various components interact, information exchange is fast and painless.
  • Scheduling appointments is essential to the smooth operation of any healthcare facility. With Aprima EMR, you’ll never waste time on ineffective processes again. Thanks to its appointment functionality, you can meet with as many patients as feasible every day. Conducting activities regarding patients in and out of a healthcare facility is crucial, and it turns out easy with Aprima EMR.

Aprima EMR Pricing:

Since the software allows customers to create their plans, subscription rates are not listed publically. A personalized quote for your clinic can be obtained any time, which is quite helpful. You can contact the provider by filling out their online quotation form. However, interested parties can organize a no-cost demo of Aprima EMR to become acquainted with its features and get a taste of how it works.

AestheticsPro Online EMR:

The AestheticsPro software suite includes a point-of-sale system, marketing tools, patient management features, employee scheduling, and more. All are hosted on the web and compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Staff timesheets, payments, incentives, and gratuities can all be administered through the staff management system. Using staff schedules, users can keep their schedules from becoming overburdened with unnecessary meetings. All patient information can be stored in HIPAA-compliant charts in AestheticsPro EMR. AestheticsPro Online EMR System’s accounting section can’t be beaten when it comes to making business decisions and better serving clients.

The marketing management tool in AestheticsPro Online EMR makes it simple to expand a business’s clientele by facilitating the tracking of leads and the creation of customized online campaigns for a defined demographic. Real-time tracking and alterations to these campaigns are also possible.

Why Use AestheticsPro Online EMR?

  • With AestheticsPro, the commercial and personal lives of medical spa customers and their practitioners can be drastically enhanced. Its SaaS software handles everything from scheduling and appointments to electronic health records and payment solutions to marketing services. You may go ahead of the competition by using AestheticsPro EHR Software to streamline your business processes and expand your clientele base.
  • The e-prescribing function of the AestheticsPro Online software allows doctors to send prescription information to drugstores digitally. Medical professionals can improve their accuracy and productivity in dispensing medications to patients. E-Prescribe is mobile and accessible from any computer. AestheticsPro Online EMR reviews appreciate its secure and safe complaint system.
  • When you use AestheticsPro Online EMR, you’ll have the tools you need to make interactive, patient-specific forms on your own. You can boost efficiency and the quality of service provided to admitted customers with the help of this program. Choose from its library of pre-made designs or consult with experts; either way, you’ll have access to the most advanced spa online appointment tool available.
  • AestheticsPro Online’s patient charting function makes it easy to record vital patient statistics. You can select the most suitable template for your requirements using this instrument. This functionality also facilitates the incorporation of patient information into your files. AestheticsPro Online reviews indicate that this program will optimize the time efficiency you’d have spent manually inputting patient records.

AestheticsPro Online EMR Pricing:

There are three different subscription plans available to AestheticsPro users. With the Solo Provider plan, you can deploy enterprise-level capabilities throughout your practice for an additional $125 per month. The monthly fee for the Enterprise plan is $185, while the Enterprise Plus plan begins at $245. Try out the AestheticsPro Online demo to get a look at the program.


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