Which software meets your practice’s needs better-Amazing Charts or Greenway Health?

There are distinct benefits to every electronic health records system. Thus, your practice’s type, needs, and daily patient volume will determine the software that is most suitable for you. Check out the pricing and feature details of Amazing Charts EHR and Greenway Health so you can choose the best option for your clinic. 

About Amazing Charts 

Amazing Chart is a well-known provider of practice management, medical billing, and electronic health records for outpatient practices. 

Incredible Charts Scheduling, coding, e-prescribing, interoffice communications, charting, and other capabilities are available from EMR, a top provider of electronic health record solutions. Additionally, it provides solutions for practices in various disciplines, including general medicine, pediatrics, and psychiatry. 

Features of Amazing Charts 

  • Appointment Management: One of the Amazing Charts’ most powerful features is its ability to completely automate the appointment booking and scheduling procedure. The Amazing Charts EMR system allows you to create a profile for each patient when you add them. Then, drag the profile to the scheduling window using the patient’s name. Once there, it won’t take long to make an appointment. Additionally, the appointment hours are publicly accessible, making scheduling an appointment simple and convenient for patients and doctors. 
  • Pre-built Templates: Any clinic that interacts with patients must create templates that can quickly and accurately collect information about the patient visit. The designs for Amazing Charts are so straightforward that adding information is trivial. The best feature is that notes can now be added to every patient encounter without having to worry about having duplicate information. The information is centralized for any potential future treatment plans thanks to the addition of the notes to your patient’s file, which any subsequent doctors may access at your practice who may be caring for the same patient may use. 
  • E-Prescription: One of its most exciting features is the ability to use Amazing Charts EMR to prescribe medications online. Script Writer makes this feature possible, making it simple for you to give your patients any necessary prescriptions. This tool can let you prescribe new pharmaceutical prescriptions without the added work of entering drugs and all of their details. On the other hand, you could always type everything out and add it to the list. 
  • Centralized Dashboard: If you have a centralized dashboard feature, everything will run a lot more smoothly for you. You can easily explore through Amazing Charts EMR’s tools and features because they are all in one place with this functionality. Flitting between various elements and treating your patients becomes a much better experience as you are not wasting time or scrolling through different portions of the software because you are confused. 
  • Clinical Reports: Incredible Charts EMR is advantageous since it provides you with the resources to generate vital reports for your patients. For instance, you can use the patient reports feature to search the database for different reporting criteria, including the patient’s demographics, diagnoses for numerous illnesses, risk factors, lab order information, and prescription information. 
  • Patient Portal: Clinics using Amazing Charts can also create an integrated patient portal that patients can access from a distance. Patients will be able to interact with you in this way securely and communicate with you about their medical conditions and any additional questions they may have regarding their appointments, reports, and other events. Patients can also read summaries of their doctor visits, the outcomes of their clinical lab tests, and a range of other resources that can be used to educate patients about their health through the patient portal. 
  • Integration Capability: To increase the effectiveness of clinical documentation workflow and financial administration, their practice management solution offers integration with Amazing Chart EHR. Additionally, according to assessments of Amazing Charts EHR, the integrated billing and revenue cycle management modules let practitioners handle the complete patient experience in a single system. 

Amazing Charts EMR Software Benefits 

Amazing Charts is the finest EMR software for small offices since it is a cost-effective option. Additionally, it provides add-on services, including speech recognition, chronic care management, patient portals, and immunization submissions. Users can also request remote and in-person training on MACRA, MIPS, and other value-based care models. 

Amazing Charts reviews state that you may deploy on-premises or host the Amazing Charts EMR solution on the cloud. Amazing Charts EMR has earned the 2015 ONCHIT and is a suitable fit for providers wishing to participate in MIPS. 

Amazing Charts Pricing

Each clinician’s monthly subscription to the Amazing Charts EMR system is $199. However, to take advantage of this discounted price, consumers must sign a three-year contract. This bundle includes software deployment, online prescriptions, annual support, and database updates. Additionally, you can request an Amazing Charts demo by clicking “Watch Demo” to see if the product is worth the price and test it out for free to see if it meets your needs. 

Is Greenway Healths a batter alternate of Amazing Charts? 

Greenway Health’s electronic health record (EHR) offers a user-friendly, specialty-focused EHR option. The Greenway Health Intergy EHR platform, which is hosted in the cloud and supports your practice’s operations, promotes financial success and emphasizes patient care. 

You can use Greenway’s free healthy practice screening to get a snapshot of your practice’s financial situation. It will also assist in creating a tailored plan based on gaps to boost financial earnings. 

Greenway Health – PrimeSuite EHR 

EHR and PM systems are both included in Prime Suite. There are both on-premises and cloud-hosted options available. RCM, population health management, interoperability, mobile access, analytics, and patient engagement features. Stages 1 and 2 of meaningful usage are certified for PrimeSuite. 

The Prime Suite dashboard lets administrators and practitioners access critical patient information, clinical quality metrics, PQRS, and clinical alarms. In addition, PrimeSuite EHR adheres to HIPAA regulations. 

The Greenway EHR comes with almost 4000 editable templates. Both on-premises and hosted options are available for the program. Additionally, it offers mobile solutions for Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone, and Prime Suite software alone. 

Intergy Greenway Health benefits

The Greenway Health EHR can be used on a server or the cloud and supports about 35 specialties. In addition to a robust clinical side, it has proper practice management, revenue cycle management, and a patient portal. Furthermore, Greenway is an integrated solution because it also has its clearinghouse. 

Greenway Health delivers strategic alliances, solution-driven innovations, and high-quality services to help users operate effectively, increase profitability, enhance patient care, and maintain compliance. 

Intergy is a cloud-based solution that may be customized to meet the needs of various practices, including family practices, internal medicine practices, multi-specialty practices, OB-GYN practices, cardiology practices, pediatric practices, FQHC/CHCs, etc. The most outstanding candidates are tribal health facilities, advanced surgical centers, and independent, accountable care groups. HIPAA, ICD-10, CPT, and HL7 compliance are all covered. 

Greenway Health EMR Pricing

Pricing for the Greenway Health EMR is available by contacting the vendor. 

Final words! 

The choice of software ultimately comes down to your practice’s needs and overall strategy, but we still encourage you to schedule a demo of Amazing Charts and Greenway Health to see how well they work before making a purchase.


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